Son of Youth in Revolt cover
Book VII in the series
Like father like son. Or worse?

Rebellious Nick Twisp of Youth in Revolt was a master at driving his parents to the brink. So what sort of parent would that most outrageous of teenagers make? Now the wheel has turned, and in this newest installment of the acclaimed Twisp saga, forty-something Nick faces the daily trials of dealing with his own teenage son.
   When a move to California threatens to disrupt young Scott Twisp’s life, he reacts in the true Twispian spirit. Follow this wannabe “wanton lothario” as he conspires to meet the challenges of love, sex, work, parents, TV stardom, and more. Also returning to add to the mayhem are Sheeni, Trent, Apurva, Vijay, Jake, Veeva, Uma, and the rest of C.D. Payne’s huge and colorful cast.

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Aivia Press, trade paper
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